Bears Ears Interpretive Experience

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Pine Creeks Signature self-directed experience offer a comprehensive and immersive journey through the cultural and historical aspects of the Waskatenau District, Reserve 126, or Bears Ears Reserve. Visitors can engage with interpretive assets, hike trails, and explore significant sites to deepen their understanding of the area's heritage and natural landscape.


Living Side By Side

The Bears Ears Reserve Self-Directed Interpretive Adventure stands as the Signature Experience for Pine Creek Retreat & Stopping House. This meticulously designed adventure aims to inform, educate, and reconcile the history of the former Bears Ears Reserve, with a particular emphasis on the bands and chiefs who played a significant role in our local heritage and the development of the Victoria National District of Canada and Victoria Settlement. Despite often being overlooked from a nationalistic viewpoint within Canada, this narrative traces back thousands of years before the ethnogenesis of the Métis and several hundred years before the settlement of present-day northeastern Alberta.

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